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AdTech, CTV and OTT consulting, platform customization and integrations, ad ops personnel and more.


    Bringing AdTech In-House
    With the Trusted Marketplace Technology
    • Moving your existing SSP and DSP integrations server-side
    • Moving your existing demand tag integrations server-side
    • Adding third party fraud detection
    • Adding DMP integration
    • And more
    • Building custom business components on top of our technology to support your ideas, workflows, and tools
    • Adding AdTech capabilities to your other business systems
    • Building specific front-ends to match your unique value proposition
    Case Studies
    We Help Our Clients Innovate
    Origin Media

    Founded in 2019 by Freddie Godfrey and Stephen Strong, who helped shape the US TV streaming industry, Origin empowers advertisers and content owners with progressive CTV strategies that keep them ahead of the competition and winning the hearts & minds of the consumer.


    Origin Media approached Adoppler asking to build an OpenRTB exchange that would allow the company to bring a new and innovative ad product to the market. Adoppler provided Origin with its Trusted Marketplace platform and built a custom component to implement the client’s business idea.


    With advanced targeting capabilities, access to premium streaming services and networks, and a comprehensive white label solution fully customized for our agency partners – StratifiTV is unlocking the power of the next generation of video advertising.


    StratifiTV was born in 2019 as a separate business unit within Adoppler, and needed a streamlined user experience for TV and cable media buyers to expand into CTV. Adoppler designed and built a new robust front-end that supports the existing buying workflows and business models.

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