Adoppler was founded in 2017, and now has presence in the United States and Europe. Firstly, the company served as a product subsidiary of Geomotiv, and since 2018 Adoppler operates as an independent business.

    Founder and CEO
    Sergey Lobko-Lobanovsky

    Before founding Adoppler Sergey co-founded Geomotiv, an international product-development-as-a-service company. Geomotiv designs and develops solutions for the ad tech, TV martech, and Big Data segments. Sergey always acts as a “hub” that connects people, businesses, teams, and projects and is an expert in cross-cultural business relationships.

    Before starting his own businesses, Sergey served in a variety of product development companies & outsourcing vendors as a developer, team lead, project manager and CTO.

    Shafi Mustafa

    Shafi is a senior business leader with vast experience of 20+ years as an entrepreneur, technologist, and marketing strategist. This experience has been both on building and commercializing disruptive advertising technology platforms for innovative startups including Savveo and OverstockAds, and on the agency side where he has headed results driven campaigns for national brands such as Proctor & Gamble, Disney, Johnson & Johnson, Dr. Pepper, and Reebok.

    Shafi is a visionary whose unique ability to challenge the status quo and connect seemingly unrelated dots leads to next generation thinking and opportunities.

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