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Sergey Lobko-Lobanovsky
CEO/Founder of Adoppler
Published: Jul 13, 2020

Nobody likes Mondays, but I think it’s a good day for a few updates. As part of my effort to make Adoppler’s external communications as transparent as the Trusted Marketplace universal auction is for our clients, here are a few things that have been released during the last few weeks.

Last Week Stats

Last week the following stats have been recorded in the platform.

  • 301,251,287 impression opportunities were received from the publishers
  • 8,891,323 impressions were served
  • 5,967,821 unique devices were reached

Major Feature Releases

Standard and Preferred Deals

The platform now supports two types of deals:

  • Standard Deals allow our clients to expose a certain subset of their inventory to the buyers in a contextual way. For example, as a publisher you might be providing different categories of premium content for your viewers. With standard deals, you are able to package this inventory as a pre-configured “ever-green” deal and publish it with your demand partners. Any demand arriving under standard deals will be mediated as part of the universal auction as it does not have any preferential treatment with other demand.
  • In contrast, Preferred Deals allow our clients to conduct one on one transactions between a publisher and a demand partner. These deals can happen before (or instead of) the impression opportunity is delivered to the demand partners for bidding. Effectively, this enables the clients to facilitate higher yield transactions without exposing the deal inventory to the open exchange.

Each ad unit can have one or more deals associated with it, with prioritization managed by deal type, and individual preferred deal priority settings.

Working with First Price and Second Price Auction Partners

A few weeks ago I wrote a dedicated article on this feature. Long story short, the feature is in production. Yay!

Minor Updates And Fixes

  • Ability to filter outbound and inbound demand traffic by various lists
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  • Demand, supply, publisher, deal details — more logical organization of filters
  • Support for RON deals
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RON checkbox in Standard Deal details
  • Deal margin percentage (separate from publisher / exchange-wide margin settings)
  • and about 20 other below-the-waterline fixes and improvements that nobody sees, but they are there.

Easter Egg

If you notice this absolute unit on our website, please let me know.

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