Platform Update: IRIS.TV integration, Bulk Upload
Published: Nov 1, 2021

Last week we added support for custom Iris TV data for the Pubmatic bidder adapter. When setting up a demand partner, you will see a Pubmatic adapter in a drop-down menu. Besides the required Publisher ID field, you have options to enter an Iris Context and Iris ID if necessary. Also, Iris Context is now available as a dimension in the Extended Performance Analytics demand report.   

Handy improvement for Creatives section: upload the video creatives in bulk. As you’re on the Creatives management page, you will see the Bulk Upload Video button on the top right side. Press the button, choose the advertiser and upload some files in bulk. Here you can append the language and categories for all uploaded videos too. Please keep in mind the creatives will have the same name as the files do. Besides that, we added Custom VAST extension and Third-party beacons options to the Bulk Edit menu. 

Our recent feature, Inventory Insights, now has a graphical display of the volumes available. For instance, choosing the breakdown by device makes will show a helpful chart bar of opportunities per make.

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