Platform Update: Business Monitoring, Inventory Insights, New Targeting
Published: Nov 10, 2021

Business Metrics Monitoring

Monitoring is designed to notify the user if a set rule is triggered. The workflow is straightforward: you create an alert with a set of conditions and state an email address to receive the notification. 

The tool is located on a separate tab under Tools on a left-side menu. The setup is simple.

  • Firstly, you need to name it and enter the email for notifications.
  • Secondly, you have to list all settings when the alert is triggered. Let’s check the details of the setup. 

Initially, you link the alert to the demand or supply side. It is pretty much the same as you do it in the Reports section.  

Depending on the type, a specific set of filters and metrics will be available in the drop-down menus. You can choose as many supply/demand sources as necessary. The time field is a look-back window to check whether set conditions are met. Checkups are performed every 30 minutes. 

Next, select the metric and set up the IFs (Conditions: above/below/equal) with a threshold for the alert to be set off. On the screenshot below, you see that I set up an alert for QA Supply Partner. If the system gets more than 300 000 ad requests from this SSP, I receive an email about it. The system checks ad requests for the last 2 hours. 

Stay on track of your inventory performance even if the admin panel is closed. 

Inventory Insights 

Inventory Insights now has a visualization for geographical filters (state, DMA and congressional district). 

Targeting Profile

We added more attributes to target. See the list of new options below: 

  • Inventory Tab: RTB requests inbound values for Publisher ID, App ID, tag ID and Deal ID 
  • Demand Tab: Creative Language, Creative Mime Types, Creative Duration;
  • Device Tab: Do Not Track flag, Limited Ad Tracking Signal, Device Width and Height;
  • Video Tab: inbound values for Mime types, Player Size; 

New Content tab where you can find all content-related attributes: Content ID, Episode, Title, Season, Artist, Genre, URL, Categories, Context, Keywords, Livestream, Language, Production Quality, and Media rating per IQG guidelines.


There is an update for our Recorder tool as well, and now you can grab a full log with all related requests/responses for VAST unwraps. Also, it intercepts all VAST subsequent unwraps for multi nesting VAST responses.  


With this release, the Changelog feature supports all entities, including Reports, Allow/Block Lists, and Monitoring Alerts.

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