Introducing Smart Panels
Published: Jan 13, 2022

Today we are introducing a bleeding edge video ad unit not available on any other programmatic platform. If you have ever wanted to reuse mobile or social video creative on large screens with minimal content uplift, now you can: enter the Smart Panel. You can watch the video and read below.

The layout below shows a single video ad which comprises three placeholders. 

Smart Panels Layout

All three have the same dimensions: 640 x 1080 and are very flexible and configurable. Any frame can include direct or programmatically sourced vertical ad creative, while the other frames can be HTML-based. Slick and cost effective, isn’t it?

Smart Panel Setup

A special layout preview box helps you better understand the resulting ad unit. Once the Smart Panels ad pod type is chosen on the SSP or ad unit level, the Supply Deals section will allow you to set up contextual deals for each static slot. 

The platform will automagically serve the resulting creative as a single MP4 file. Imagine, HTML for cost effective creative production and HD video on the large screen!

Here’s what it looks like in real life.

Real Life Smart Panels Ad Unit

The ad creative consists of an existing Tik Tok video promoting the usage of masks, a mobile creative talking about vaccination, and a QR code in the center which directs the user to the nearest vaccination center. 

The resulting creative is created and delivered to the viewers programmatically:

  1. The Tik Tok video is a direct campaign hosted in our DSP which is a part of our fully vertically integrated CTV ad server and platform. 
  2. The QR code is an HTML creative campaign in the client DSP that has different variations for different DMAs. It targets a deal ID set up in an SSP which has a programmatic integration with our exchange. The QR code allows attributing mobile scans to the campaign and measuring its performance.
  3. The left panel is another mobile video creative with no targeting. 

Each combination of the three components is generated dynamically in real-time and is cached and reused to minimize the transcoding costs of our publisher partners. All this happens in the platform under the hood and does not require any additional work on your end.

Needless to say, all of the above campaigns can also sit inside our platform, or any or all parts can be sourced programmatically from third party SSPs, DSPs or ad servers.

There’s no need for expensive creative studio work to deliver natively looking dynamic CTV ads while still running your high-budget branding campaigns. The content uplift is minimal, and you can spin up new panels as fast as you like to reduce churn and keep the viewer engaged.

Note: this feature is available only to the Elemental TV customers ( Contact your account representative if you’d like to learn more.

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