Elemental TV Launch
Sergey Lobko-Lobanovsky
CEO/Founder of Adoppler
Published: Dec 16, 2020

Adoppler has just launched ElementalTV. It is a new product in the company’s CTV monetization suite and is targeted both for publishers and advertisers.

ElementalTV and its programmable Smartpodtm increase the value of CTV impressions for publishers, and create richer engagement opportunities for advertisers.

Anatomy of the Smartpod

The product is built around Adoppler’s proprietary Nextgen Targeting tech which is part of our Trusted Marketplace platform (includes SSP, DSP, AdServer, AdExchange; serves ~200M CTV impressions from ~10B ad opportunities per month now; traffic quality ensured by an MRCC accredited SIVT solution).

For more details please visit the product website.

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