Core Technology Stack

Additional Platforms and Tools



If you need custom software development outside of the Adoppler customization and integration services, welcome to our sister company Geomotiv. Geomotiv focuses on providing top-quality development of high-load systems, Big Data Processing, Mobile Development, BI and Analytics, API development, Software Product Integration services across various verticals.

Our team is ready to share a full-scale customization case based on Adoppler Exchange designed to satisfy large video publishers needs. This is a vivid example of in-house ad tech stack customization which aims to establish seamless media buying process on various platforms, maximize fill-rate, consolidate data, and synchronize customer internal marketing and advertising processes.

Seamless Media Sales

To establish seamless media sales process on various platforms

Maximize Fill

To maximize fill-rate during ad breaks; solve the duplication challenge

Optimize Data

To consolidate the internal analytics specific to the addressable TV publisher with the ad-specific analytics aggregated by Adoppler Exchange

Consolidate UI

To control the Ad Exchange through client's ERP platform