NAB Show 2019 - a short interview about a big event

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NAB Show 2019 has ended driving away the rush and excitement of the world’s largest media event. Now, when it is over, we can take a breath and tell how it was at the trade show and what experience we draw from it. We asked our Product Manager Anton Tkachuk, who visited the exhibition, to tell us a bit about NAB Show. Here’s what he said.

— Hi, Anton! According to the recent news, NAB Show 2019 was quite a dynamic event this year. Tell us your impression of it.

— Hi there! The impression is completely positive, the show went smoothly. The first two days were busy indeed if we are talking about people and interactions. Still, the remaining ones were way more relaxed. There were not so many visitors and some exhibitors started dismantling their booths. But the overall number of visitors was insane. It was approximately 100,000 visitors this year, so it’s no wonder the SPROCKIT hub, where we were located, was full of guests as well.


Anton Tkachuk and the SPROCKIT CEO Harry Glazer together at NAB Show 2019

Since I’ve mentioned the SPROCKIT hub, I will say a couple of words about the way they created the section atmosphere. First of all, it was great that the participating teams managed to meet in advance at the special Sunday party hosted by SPROCKIT. So on Monday, when the show started, everyone knew one another already. There were no rivalry, only the spirit of cooperation.

— Sounds great! And what do you think about Las Vegas, the host city of NAB Show 2019?

— It was my first trip to the USA and I found myself in Las Vegas. Well, the Americans have a couple of jokes about it and they use to say that Vegas is not particularly America. There were a bit from everywhere, from various countries and cultures. A lot of casinos, restaurants, and other nightlife things. And the city was very beautiful and bright as well.

— It seems Las Vegas is a place to visit in the United States. Alright, let’s go back to the show. You’ve mentioned the amount of people at NAB. Tell us how did the communication go? Was it difficult to communicate with such a number of visitors?

— It was difficult indeed. But we were lucky having Rick Howe with us, the iTV Doctor. He is our industry adviser and he was of great help during the show. For example, he introduced us to Comcast, MeteoMedia, and a number of other companies, and we had a nice conversation together.

Our CEO Sergey Lobko-Lobanovsky was also there via a Skype call. It was quite unusual, some people just stopped at our booth, saw Sergey, and said “Wow, that’s interesting!” A part of the call even made it to a couple of media reports about the Show. Actually, out section neighbors — the company Switcher Studio — helped us with the call as they had the required equipment for this. As I said, there were no rivalry, so it was fine.

Aimee Cates interviewing Adoppler CEO Sergey Lobko-Lobanovsky via Skype

— It’s good to see a true cooperation at such a great event. Alright, let’s move forward. You didn’t stand near the show bench all the time, did you? There was a panel discussion you took part in. Tell us more about it.

— Yes, the panel discussion! It was also great, but the speeches were so long that almost nobody stayed on schedule. Unfortunately, we had to skip the part with the audience questions. Still, everything was smooth and relaxed.

The panel discussion about ATSC 3.0 and NextGenTV

Our main topic was ATSC 3.0 and its functional areas. There were talks about how linear TV should act in this situation and how the industry will change on the whole. However, we shared our own view concerning the way ad tech should follow for the NextGenTV. In particular, we mentioned the opportunities our Adoppler Trusted Marketplace provides for both media inventory buyers and sellers.

— Thank you very much, Anton! In conclusion, are you ready to take part in another big conference such as this one?

— Definitely yes! But next time I will take more water. As you speak the whole day during the event, you need lots of liquid just to be able to communicate. I had this idea in my mind and bought a couple of bottles, but it wasn’t enough. All in all, I’m happy I visited NAB Show. I met different people, I gained a lot of connections, and I saw Las Vegas! I would do it again with pleasure.

Moreover, I am glad that our Adoppler Trusted Marketplace aroused so interest in it. People wanted to know more about it and we gained a lot of connections with various industry giants. The show was both interesting and productive for us.